My research addresses global challenges persistent in urban environments such as rapid urbanisation, degraded ecosystems, climate change, and social justice, through three interlinked themes: applied climatology, urban ecosystems, and urban climate adaptation planning.

My research emphasises interdisciplinary approaches, usually incorporating application of geographical information systems (GIS), and seeks to promote impactful research that influences policy and practice.

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Geography – a subject combining both social and natural sciences – is an essential subject that enables a better understanding of today’s complex global challenges including climate change and disaster resilience, rapid urbanisation, degraded ecosystems, and social justice.

My teaching includes undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in geographical information systems, urban environments, and climate change.

Some resources for students can be found here.

Impact & Engagement

My applied research is of interest to various stakeholders and I am committed to engaging the public with my research. I have worked closely with policymakers, practitioners and the public on various initiatives, including co-designed projects.

I have designed and delivered a variety of different engagement activities for various audiences.

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