Creating climate resilient neighbourhoods

An interactive workshop for the 2022 ESRC Festival of Social Sciences

What’s on offer?

Are you passionate about climate change? Are you interested in local communities and what can be done to build climate resilience? Want to learn more about how neighbourhoods can support health and wellbeing? If so, this fun, hands-on workshop is for you.

Through creative activities including using Lego, you’ll look at how green spaces help make Manchester’s neighbourhoods more climate resilient through preventing and reducing the impact of flooding and drought, and providing benefits for wildlife and health and wellbeing.

The creative solutions will be showcased on ‘Birley Place’ – a virtual community for the delivery of health and social care education.

What’s it about?

We hear a lot about the impacts and causes of climate change, but rarely discuss how we can be resilient against the effects.

Climate change is making ‘weird’ weather more frequent, resulting in more stormy rainfall, warmer temperatures, and drought. This is making life more difficult for humans and nature. Being climate resilient is important because it means that we are prepared for this weird weather and can cope with the effects.

Green spaces provide many benefits for people and wildlife. We will discuss how they can help us to be more climate resilient and improve human health and wellbeing.

Research Team

This event is a collaboration led by Dr Gina Cavan, with senior researchers from the Department of Natural Sciences (Dr Gina Cavan and Dr Rachel Dunk, experts in climate change responses) and Faculty of Health and Education (Professor Claire Hamshire and Professor Kirsten Jack, experts in interprofessional education and creative learning approaches) at Manchester Metropolitan University.


Funded by Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) through their annual Festival of Social Sciences (2022) programme of events.

November 2022