GIS Careers Video Library

What is this about?

The GIS Careers Video Library is a teaching resource for students studying the Year 2 undergraduate BSc Geography module, “GIS and the Workplace”. The aim is to provide students with typical real-world applications of GIS and promote how GIS is used in the workplace.

We’d love you to create a short (3-5 minute) video for the library, telling the students about your GIS experiences, your organisation, and/or an example real-world case study that uses GIS.

Why might you want to get involved?

  • Inspire others about GIS: This will certainly inspire the next generation of students to consider entering the GI industry when they graduate.
  • Help gain professional accreditation: You could use this activity to support professional accreditations such as Chartered Geographer: CGeog or CGeog (GIS). For example, this activity will help to demonstrate: 1) dissemination of your experiences and achievements, 2) promotion of GI and its benefits to society; 3) encouraging others to enter into the field, and, 4) helping to develop the professional knowledge of others.
  • Advertise your business: The video will showcase your organisation to our current undergraduate students – your future employees.
  • Advertise placement or job opportunities: Many of our students opt to take a one-year placement in industry in their third year, and you could advertise such opportunities in the video as well as job opportunities.

What should the video content include?

In the video, you could:

  • Introduce yourself, your job role, and your organisation.
  • Provide a brief biography and tell us why you love GIS!
  • Then choose one or two of the following:
    • Explain why and/or how your organisation uses GIS
    • Describe a case study example of how GIS analysis was used to solve a geographical problem
    • Discuss the key GIS (and other) skills that are expected for graduate-level entry positions in the GI industry
  • Show some illustrative content on slides or a background poster relating to the above.

How can a video be created?

You could create a video on your computer using PowerPoint (recording slides and voice), or Skype for Business, or use screen recording on a mobile phone / iPad. The setting could be your office (e.g. if you are talking to the camera), or the background of your computer (e.g. if you are demonstrating an example or showing a PowerPoint presentation). Please try to ensure there is no background noise to enhance the quality of the video. If you are using narrated slides, please include an image of yourself on the title page.

Video format: The video should be 3-5 minutes in length (no longer than 7 minutes). The file format should be .wmv or .mp4 (other formats may also be OK). Please ensure that any images used are Copyright free or use a creative commons licence.

How will your video and information be stored and used?

Your video will be used for educational purposes only. It may be shown in class to students taking the Year 2 undergraduate geography module, “GIS and the Workplace” (up to 85 students annually). In addition, it will be available to view by these students taking this class via our university virtual learning environment. A few other Manchester Metropolitan geography teaching staff, and an external course examiner will also be able to view the file. Whilst it will only be visible to these students and staff at Manchester Metropolitan, you should not include anything in the video that cannot be shown in the public domain (e.g. by showing classified data or information). Your video will be stored for 5 years or until you request for it to be removed from the library. You can request for it to be removed by emailing Gina Cavan ( ).

How can you send the video?

Please send your video file to Gina Cavan (E: ). Since video files are often very large, it is recommended that you use a file sharing application, or send the file for free via with a clear message.

How can you get more information?

If you need further information, support or guidance, for example, help with creating a video using PowerPoint, please just get in touch using the contact details below.

Contact details:

Dr Gina Cavan